UltraCycling Links

This is a short list of links that I have found to be interesting and useful. This is just the beginning, and I plan to add many more links. Please let me know of other interesting and useful links.


RAAM: The Race Across America

Tractalis Race coverage

UMCA: The UltraMarathon Cycling Association

UltraRace news

Ride Farther

The Ohio RAAM Show


Train by thinking???

I don't have many links for training because frankly I am not impressed with much of the information that I have found on ultracyclist training (I am sure that I have just not found good information yet). I have experimented on my own and I find that for me the best training is to work up to riding a century (100 miles) every day. Doing this while pushing the pace builds both endurace and speed. It also allows for a much faster recovery than if you go out and ride 200 or more miles in a day.

Please let me know of good training methods that have worked well for you.


The psychology of eating

Bike Fitting

Seat height (Lemond, Hamley, Holmes—knee angle 25-35 degrees): Seat height

More on seat height (Lemond and Hamley): Seat height

Position on bike for different types of riding: Position

A common sense approach discussing individualized bike fitting: http://www.peterwhitecycles.com/fitting.htm


RAAM 2015: The Race Across America

Schedule of 2015 ultracycling events

Kurt Searvogel (his web site), Steven Abraham (his web site), and William Pruett are each making an attempt to beat Tommy Godwin's annual cycling mileage record of 75,065 miles set in 1939. The UltraMarathon Cycling Association (UMCA) is certifying the attempts. The rules and information about the current record can be found here. A spreadsheet with their mileage, which is updated daily, is here.


A great site for comparing different choices for cassettes and chainrings: http://www.ritzelrechner.de/


Christoph Strasser

Christoph Strasser 2014 power data

Seana Hogan

Joan Deitchman blog on her RAAM 2012 (interesting RAAM story)

Joan Deitchman facebook. She links to many interesting cycling articles

Physics and Math of Cycling

Aerodynamic drag

More aerodynamics

Physics of climbing and descending

More math and physics

Wheel aerodynamics

Modeling cycling power

Power-speed models