Team Wolcott

June 10
The Race Has Started!

He's on the course! This screen shot from the live tracking (Tractalis) shows racer #509 about 1.5 miles into the race. Keith is riding RAAM!

Making their Way to the Start

Lisa sent this image from Oceanside this afternoon as Keith and the crew made their way toward the starting line shortly after 1:00 pm California time.


Tips on How to "Watch" RAAM

Tips for "watching" the event - if you're on a desktop computer, go to (be patient -- takes a while for the stuff to load).

If you're using an iPad, iPhone or Android, search for the Tractalis app in the App store, get it and configure it. This will show real time information once the race starts.

A note about the live tracking - each racer is wearing a GPS transponder which sends a satellite signal back to the live tracking tool. This is not official information, i.e., sometimes there may be glitches or reasons that you shouldn't freak out if the transponder is stopped or off-course. For example, last year, because of flooding in the St. Louis area, racers had to be ferried around a certain part of the course, and their transponders inexplicably began traveling off course at more than 50 mph. If the transponder is stationary for a while, the racer might be sleeping (it's rare -- but it happens! Sometimes racers get to sleep.)

Otherwise, detailed stats on Keith's performance are available from his leaderboard page on the RAAM website. This page is populated with data each time Keith checks in at a timestation. Here is a direct link to his leaderboard page:
http:// rcracer.php?s_N_Entry_ID=3061&s _N_Year_ID=38

Arrival predictions - when is Keith going to be at the next time station? The RAAM website provides a tool for this, too. Though the tool already shows predictions for his arrival at the finish line, those estimates are adjusted each time he checks in at a time station. Because the predictions are based on Keith's average speed, they become more accurate as he get closer to the predicted stop. So if you want to know when he's going to be in Effingham, for example, check the time station predictions for Keith when he is in central Missouri. Here is a direct link to Keith's timestation prediction page:

IMPORTANT: All the times shown in the leaderboard or the time station predictions are expressed in "RAAM time" -- Eastern time zone and in 24-hour format. (For example, if the prediction for arrival in Effingham says he'll be there at 15:24, this equates to 3:24 pm Eastern time or 2:24 pm Central time. (You begin to understand why a mathematician would like this event!)